Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bright eyed.

Hi guys.  Whew, what a month! November has been 
absolutely gorgeous here in Massachusetts. :)

I'll take the sixty degree weather, gorgeous end to the foliage, and vivid sunsets another few weeks.  :)  Life has been a series of ups and downs but isn't that... well, life?  It's mainly been fully wonderful all around throughout the tough times and I shall keep seeking, striving, and forever remaining....

 I came across this lovely quote tonight and thought I'd share....

"I'm grateful for anything that reminds me of what's possible in this life.  Books can do that.  Films can do that.  Music can do that.  School can do that.  It's so easy to allow one day to simply follow into the next, but every once in a while we encounter something that shows us that anything is possible, that dramatic change is possible, that something new can be made, that something can be shared."
-Jonathan Safran Foer

Here's a beautiful song by Gregory Alan Isakov 
that's been fitting my mood as of late. :) 

 Have a wonderful night.

photo source: here and here