Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grey skies.

One winter seems to last for years in places like this. 
Grey skies touching grey ground 
Days into nights and nights into days
until the landscape itself
becomes neutrally indifferent.

How restless it is to remain awake
 as the earth sleeps below us.
How easy it is to turn into ourselves
and think too hard for too long
until we too, become indifferent. 

I refuse to become indifferent.

photo source: here & here

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Primal heart.

Love is a risk and we are often shattered to pieces by the intensity of the lust, the passion, the breaking, the unraveling, and the falling. The vulnerable"please let me come to you,"no I don't think you should,"what do we do now," and "are we ok?" moments. 

The push and pull, the aches and urgency, the bitterness and the pain, the bliss and the need, the warmth and the crush, the scent of a neck and length of a spine. The goosebumps and lips and frowns and tears and "yes,we are okay"'s.

The holding on and letting go.
The finding and the losing.
The hope and the sorrow.
The beginning and end.

Regardless of what kind of love, you, my messy, confused, beautiful, crushed, imperfectly perfect and yes oh so REAL human friend may be having in your life, this is my promise to you:

So celebrate your every emotion: bright and bold, sorrowful and somber, lovely and light. Then wrap your fingers around each one, hold them with pride, and say,"yes." Yes, because you are incredibly ALIVE and yes because my darling....

And even when you find yourself cracked open past midnight, 
wounded and howling at the moon with your primal, precious heart,
 remember that you can and will love again.
And again, and again, and again.
Because hearts are made to break and mend thousands of times in one lifetime. 
And not only will you will live through this, you can and will love,
once again.

photo source: here and here, here

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


And there we were, dancing around the spaces between us
so large, the distance was now too much to breathe,
 too much to bear and too much to name, 
pushing you and I and us too far, and too fast.

Lost language, numbed senses, and both of us to blame.

We'd been stumbling around those spaces too long.

Until night arrived...

And each of us was gone.

"Cause you're always mine
to keep when you're gone."

photo source: here