Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring energy.

Good morning and happy April!! :)

Although it is technically now spring here in Massachusetts we're waking up to the ground covered in snow.  Last night, it began to fall while my boyfriend, father and I sat in a little Newport pub and by the time we left the place, it was coming down as though it would storm all night. Wow. Really?  Snowstorm on the last day of March?  It feels like early January. Welcome back to New England huh? :) The ride back north was simply beautiful however, with the large flakes surrounding the car in all directions, while blanketing the empty beaches and the old colonial homes. I suppose it wasn't THAT bad. ;)

April, be kind.

Anyway keep your head up, have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy this awesomely fun, high energy song (one of my favs) by LCD Soundystem, who very sadly, are playing their last show tomorrow evening.  We're falling into spring, people.  Time to get that energy back. :)

Have a fantastic spring weekend. :)


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