Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Open your eyes.

Hi guys. :)  I hope you're having a nice February night and staying warm with the tremendous amount of snow falling in most places.

On my to do list for the month of February:

-Find faith and belief in intangible things with the willingness to trust with my eyes closed.

-Bury myself into even more written and read words.

-Take more risks remembering that a little vulnerability is beautiful and allowed.

-Continue to keep occupied, be creative, and hustle with little things.

-Allow myself to gently fall into things without worrying about being caught or landing with perfection.

-Take notes of small details and keep them on paper to save for later.  Memory is not always detailed, and details are important.

-To continue to blog even if it must be brief due to the chaos and uncertainty surrounding so many things at the moment, such as a move cross country looming near.

Remember that...

I've always loved everything about this song. :)
Snow Patrol with their wonderful lyrics.

Sweet dreams.

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