Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's calling.

Ahh my friends.... summer is here. 
 It's really a time when we should all slow down a bit.  Staying busy can be good for us but only to a certain point.  If you're not yet feeling that sweet, slow summer vibe, maybe these images and words will inspire this evening. :)

"This is June, the month of grass and leaves... 
already the aspens are trembling again,
and a new summer is offered to me."
-Henry David Thoreau

"I want to be magic.  
I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.
I want to be under a tree or on a hill 
and marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing.
I don't want to pretend to be magic anymore.
  I want to be magic."
-Charles de Lint

"I was never really insane except upoun occasions
when my heart was touched."
-Edgar Allen Poe


"I am at one with a sea of sensations,
glitter, silk, skin, eyes, mouths,
-Anais Nin

"At any rate, let us love for awhile, a year or so,
you and me.  That's a form of divine drunkenness 
we can all try."
-S. Scott Fitzgerald

"It's because everything must end 
that everything is so beautiful."
-Carine Rotifeld

"It was time to move on,
to dance with life again."
-Jacqeuline Winspear

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