Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slow motion.

Hello. :)

 I like to write impulsive thoughts when night wraps itself around New England and I find myself left with echoes from the day that has passed.  When the sun began to dip at 4 pm today, I felt nostalgic, noticing how people seem to disappear into the soft hush of winter, lost in schedules that seem to swallow them until spring. It makes me want to hug them a bit tighter, tell them to stay awhile.  I often speak of beautiful stillness and  my love for the ancient cycle of dark and light, but despite the astonishing wholeness of everything, I think that sometimes...
 winter goes on a bit too long.

Oliver Tank.

Photo source unknown

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  1. Helloz Victoria. :) Its true. Once it gets dark I cant wait to hide away and snuggle with my woof woof or just lay down with a hot cup of hot coco and watch a good movie or show. Stay warm and have a great weekend :)