Saturday, February 11, 2012

Learning to rise.

"I am learning to rise,
above all that,
 learning the thin life,
waking up to praise
everything in this world
  that is strong and beautiful."
 -Mary Oliver

Hello :)
  I'm just in bed awaiting the snow that is supposed to fall tonight.
  As much as I hate the cold and slush... it makes everything so much lovelier.  
This song is quite gorgeous. I suppose I wouldn't expect anything less coming from the always brilliant Mumford & Sons.  Their earnest, earthy, and intimate approach to music almost lifts their music into the spiritual realm.

Sweet Dreams. :)

"Spin me 'round just to pin me down on the cover of this strange bed.
But I'll be home in a little while
Lover I'll be home."

Photo source: here


  1. And now you're a 'versatile blogger.' Hope you don't mind.....Marilyn

  2. Stay warm Victoria, and keep dreaming.

  3. Hey Victoria, I saw this painting and thought of you. Hope you enjoy it :)

    1. Oh Sabine this is LOVELY!! Thank you. :)