Monday, August 8, 2011

Sparks fly.

Good morning!! :)

On this beautiful Monday in August I'm going to post a little song I find to be magical that is acutally completely out of the ordinary than the typical music in my blog. I think every woman (or perhaps man) on earth can relate to this song either in our past or present. The thing about Taylor Swift is she brilliantly captures the yearning, confused, thrilling innocence; relatable hyper- romantically pained streak, and heart's beautiful turmoil we all had while we are in those growing stages in songs presented in what she refers to as "open letters."  These emotions followed many of us long into adulthood, when we are more removed from naiveity with years of experience and wisdom accompanying us on this journey through life.  Taylor can be an unflinching reminder of our youth, seeming to squeeze every fan's hand reassuringly a though her honest lyrics, while quietly reassuring them they're not alone in their insecurities. 

Have a lovely summer day. :)

"Speak now or forever hold your peace,' the words said by preachers at the end of wedding ceremonies all over the world, right before the vows. It's a last chance for protest, a moment that makes everyone's heart race, and a moment I've always been strangely fascinated by. So many fantasize about bursting into a church, saying what they'd kept inside for years like in the movies. In real life, it rarely happens.
 Real life is a funny thing, you know.  In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial.  So crucial, in fact, that most of us start to hesitate, for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  But lately, what I've begun to fear more than that is letting the moment pass without saying anything.  I think most of us fear reaching the end of our life, and looking back regretting moments when we didn't speak up.  When we didn't say 'I love you.' When we should've said 'I'm sorry.' When we didn't stand up for ourselves or someone who needed help."
-Taylor Swift

"Get me with those green eyes baby 
as the lights go down
Give me something that'll haunt me
when you're not around"

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