Friday, September 30, 2011

Road full of promise.

So here I am at work, sitting and writing. I actually have been writing often due to a rather large project I’m working on, but I don’t want to speak on it too soon. Instead, I think I’ll sit and wait, quietly watching what unfolds.  I will say however, that it’s been a gift, and I hope with everything I am that something wonderful becomes of it.

Anyway on another note:

So now we’ve passed Autumn Equinox, feeling the seasons change once again.  Here in the Northeast they shift in such a dramatic way that when you walk outside and allow yourself to be present, you feel the urgency of the surrounding trees and animals, as they all brace themselves for the cold just ahead, looming over us. The ground is hardening, the color of the leaves are ripening into darker earthy colors and there is a distinctive chill in the nighttime air.
 Soon the colors will rapidly build into a brilliant, climatic symphony of hues until everything bursts and dies down to a slow show of leaves falling softly to the ground, one by one. Over the weekend I went to a lovely place called Phantom Farms in Northern Rhode Island where you can purchase a variety of fresh apples, cornstalks, caramel candies, mini pumpkins, cider, vanilla chai and thick fruity pies to bring that spirit of autumn home with you, and that we did. I love Autumn and its fascinating contradiction between quick change and comfort.

Maybe autumn is the reason for my slight restlessness- wanting to lose myself into something that takes me into an exciting direction yet still allows me to hold on safely without fear of falling and getting lost along the way.  As I desire quick change with comfort, I think sometimes, we may mirror seasons in many ways, picking up the energy in one way or another.

Here's the wonderful Avett Brothers with 
Head Full of Doubt/Road full of Promise.

"Decide what to be and go be it."

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  1. I love Autumn. The most beautiful season of the year. Its when you see true change take into effect. And you can help but reflect on the things in life that can be made better.