Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a spectacle.

Yes.  From the moment my eyes opened this morning, right on until this evening it seemed as though everything went in a very unwelcome direction. Just one of the few incredibly unpleasant things the past twenty-four hours has produced was that I have a mouse scurrying about my apartment.  Yes.  A mouse. Nothing on the grand scale of things but it's certainly something which creates anxiety!!  haha.  Honestly, why did the creature have to make it's way into my walls?  I'm jumping at every sound now, even when I'm away from home, driving in my car.  I'm not sure where the mouse is tonight, but if and when it returns, a nice little trap is waiting for it. It's a humane trap though- I cannot murder the poor thing but I do know that it's going to be yet another nerve wracking encounter when I have to actually take the trap (mouse enclosed) somewhere far enough away from my apartment so it cannot come back.  Ever.

Between the mouse and some other bothersome things hovering throughout the day, all I could really do was power through the hours knowing I would somehow make it to tonight; when I could slip into an extremely hot bath, let the steam float up and around me, close my eyes, sip chamomile tea, and be lost in nice thoughts. Ahhhh.  No mouse or any other cause of anxiety sil vous plait. Victoria's brain shuts off after 8:30 pm some (okay most) nights.

Hopefully in a few minutes I'll be curled up in my soft sheets, 

So am I really going to go there and post Enigma. I know, I know...("really Victoria??  Enigma??") Yes, Enigma- she's great! I do enjoy a broad spectrum of music; however, I am quite picky with what I like (I've been pegged "a music snob" by several folks, although I wouldn't go that far!) and I've always loved this extremely soothing, exotic song:

Sweet dreams, lovies.

Photo source: here here.

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