Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi new people.

Good morning!!!  I have a million and three things I should be doing but I feel as though I've been neglecting my blog as I've had quite a few emails this week about it, so I wanted to pop in and say hello. :)

Hi new people. :)  I'm not sure how you're finding me but thank you so much for your sweet words and wonderful feedback.  It definitely motivates and fuels me to keep going with this (I've been a bit scatter-brained as of late), and I heart you.

These are some of my core beliefs that seem to be part of the overall theme:

and most importantly....
I really like (and need) to look beyond the superficial layers of everyday life and am constantly observing all that's around me with quiet intensity.  Colors, sounds, interactions, energy, and scent.  The depth, meaning, pulse, and truthfulness of things. 
 I suppose I'm more attuned with my heart than head the majority of the time, my senses seem to be heightened, and I try to find beauty almost everywhere. I'm also a bit of an internal person who sometimes prefers writing over speaking, and always comfortable, content silence over small talk.  

But welcome!  Welcome to girlandlovelynotebook and thank you for being so amazingly supportive!!  My hope is that you may feel inspired or come across something on here that you needed to hear, somehow. We are all human, our emotions are universal, and this is the reason why powerful images, illustration, writing, and music signals something within us; these forms of art perhaps both unfold and reveal our true selves, from our fears to our hopes, to our dreams to our memories. Art helps us to know who we REALLY are, on the important level: the soul level.

Have a wonderful day, friends, and thank you again.


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