Thursday, July 1, 2010

What might have been lost.

I'd like to write tonight.  I really would.  I'm fighting a cold however, (it's been slowly taking over since the trip last week), and I'm drained. I'm going to drink hot tea, take my bath, and get some sleep. Thankfully I will have a few days to rest this weekend in the sweet San Francisco sun.... (I truly heart this city).....

 and then will be writing more on here.  

As for now, it's all about the quotes and........ 

Does that surprise you coming from Victoria? ;)

More Bon Iver.  And this video is magical. 

"And the story's all over you
In the morning i'll call you
Can't you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue
What might have been lost."

Sweet dreams. :)

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