Thursday, July 8, 2010

The ethereal.

This is about the ethereal; the delicate and light beauty that almost seems too perfect for this world, lingering in the space 
between reality and fantasy... 
in poetry
  in pictures
in literature
and in art. 
It's about life.  
It's about dreams. 
But mostly....
it's about you.
  And me. 
 It's about all of us.

"And I know your dreams of tumbling cities and galloping horses
Of the sun coming too close 
And the night never ending."
-Leonard Cohen

"I would take more cart rides, 
contemplate more dawns,
and play with more children,
if I had another life ahead of me."
-Jorge Luis Borges

The laws are very simple.  
1. Thought is creative
2. Fear attracts like energy
3. Love is all there is.
-Neal Walsch

"I stood still, vision blurring, 
and in that moment, 
I heard my heart break. 
It was a small, clean sound, 
like the snapping of a flower’s stem."   
- Diana Galbaldan   
"I carry you with me 
into the world, 
into the smell of rain 
and the words that dance between people
and; for me, 
it will always be this way,
walking in the light,
remembering being alive together" 
— Brian Andreas 

"Your fears climb up your spine like spiders.
  How can I show you you have nothing to fear?"

"See people come into your life for a reason. 
They might not know it yet themselves, why.  
You might not know it.  
But there is a reason.  
There has to be.
-Joyce Carol Oates

"Sometimes I can hear my bones straining 
under the weight 
of all the lives I'm not living."
-Jonathan Safron Foer

"I would love to live
Like a river flows.
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding."
-John O'Donohue

"I hated labels anyway.
 People didn’t fit in slots—prostitute, housewife, saint....
like sorting the mail. 
We were so mutable, 
fluid with fear and desire, 
ideals and angles, changeable as water."
-Janet Finch

"Remember, we’re madly in love, 
so it’s all right to kiss me 
anytime you feel like it." 
- Suzanne Collins

"There is nothing like
returning to a place
that remains unchanged
to which you find the ways in which
you yourself have altered."
-Nelson Madela
"You be the sun,
I'll be the moon-
just let your light come shining through;
and when night comes, just like the moon,
I'll shine the light right back to you."
"Wittegenstein once wrote that when the eye sees something beautiful,
the hand wants to draw it.  
I wish that I could draw you."
-Nicole Kraus
"You see, you closed your eyes.
 That was the difference.
 Sometimes you cannot believe what you see,
 you have to believe what you feel. 
And if you are ever going to have other people trust you,
 you must feel that you can trust them too.
 Even when you’re in the dark. 
Even when you’re falling."
— Mitch Alborn
“I know you’re in this room, I’m sure I heard you sigh,
Floating in between 
Where our worlds collide.”
- Muse

"If I find in myself a desire
 which no experience in this world can satisfy, 
the most probable explanation is 
that I was made for another world."
-C.S. Lewis

"I cannot keep still;  I am on the edge;
the dream comes to taunt me 
in the morning sun."
-Sylvia Plath

"Feeling pain is still better 
than not feeling,
isn't it?
-Jonathan Safron Foer

"Maybe we're notes plucked from strings we cannot see.  
Maybe we're all echoes of each other.  
Maybe that sound is all you are."
"I had to touch you with my hands, 
I had to taste you with my tongue.  
One can't be in love and do nothing."
-Graham Greene

"Tonight we float across an empty sky
Cold air, pins and needles prick our lungs
There is something so melancholy about looking at the stars sometimes.
I turn somersaults in the wind and lose my breath.
You keep your distance; 
something about me scares you, 
so you only watch.
But here's the thing you don't realize..
we are not permanent 
and you must do more than exist
to live."

"Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness; 
you are the sunset.  
That is the moment 
when you feel the beauty of it."

"Maybe it isn't so much about what we do
 but about what we're capable of....
 when we least expect it."
-Jodi Picoult

"I am an excitable person 
who only understands life lyrically, musically,
 in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. 
I am so thirsty for the marvelous 
that only the marvelous has power over me."
— Anaïs Nin

"Accept who you are;
and revel in it."

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  1. this is beyond everything I cannot stand the beauty of the words and pictures you revealed to me.

  2. Love your blogs and the quotes you add. Beautiful. :)

  3. Perhaps all we are is broken pieces of the past,
    Shards of souls long torn to whips on the ethereal breezes,
    Stitched with the love which brought on that first breath.
    Maybe this is why we desire each other,
    The need to be whole is what pulls us into the hurricane.
    Some find their souls wound between lives, and sew new love into each others framework,
    Other bonds aren't strong enough to hold up against reality.