Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When the fog gently rolls down the hills, the tranquil grey almost adds an element of mystery to everything it touches.  The trees.  The streets.  The homes.  The earth.  
Grey is often a color that's looked down upon, always a neutral, and generally a quiet color, lacking the boldness of most hues.....

...but grey can be gorgeous.

Mystical, ethereal, and seductive, grey is a color used to describe situations that have no clear moral value.  It is also associated with the passage of time, intellect (hence why most corporate suits are grey), dusk, wolves, and the Goddess Athena's owl like eyes.  Poet George Sterling called San Francisco "The Cool Grey City of Love."

Grey Design....

Photo sources: here, here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. lately, gray has become my favorite color to wear -- its my new black, i suppose -- but this post is just full of wonderful gray ideas! A gray kitchen is now my goal! But my favorite I think is the movie still with Marcello...that is Marcello, isn't it? And is it La Dolce Vida? You tell me.

  2. wowzers
    these are so amazing!
    and so beautifully captured!
    i enjoy your blog, and am delighted to be graced by your loveliness!
    have fun being creative! x