Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue and white.

Today was a day filled with the glow of ordinary things, both restorative and rejuvenating.  I drank tea, wandered Noe Valley, bought some new dresses, and was basically completely unproductive.  That's ok though... we all need days like that. :)  I found an adorable place for adorable things literally a few blocks from me.  If you're in San Francisco, check out this little shop on Church & 24th.  She has all sorts of goodies.

Cheers to unproductive days, tea, and darling shops.

I wanted to focus on the classic, crisp, clean, color combination of blue and white, as I am off to Rhode Island for the weekend, and there's something about it that reminds me of New England. 

And New England is home. :)  Below is a whale I was fortunate enough to get a close up of off the coast of Massachusetts last year.  How gorgeous is this animal?  I have a soft spot for marine mammals.

The blue and white combo is always pure, as if you were looking at a sky filled with the kind of puffy, white clouds you used to gaze up to as a child, to make shapes out of.

Blue and white design...

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