Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bury the burdens.

"Whew!!!  Time is flying, my friends.

 Due to the amount of pressure I've been under the past three weeks I haven't been blogging or writing much although I do believe that those are the times when I should be most.  So here I am, after a day of traffic, work, urban adventures (such as getting stuck in an elevator trying to get to the gym, avoiding ten thousand obstacles while driving from one end of the city to the other, etc), and another amazingly intoxicatingly gorgeous November day in San Francisco. 

I've learned (through trial and error) that these things are the key to a restful sleep...
 and happiness in general.

...and if you had a rough day let go and...

Ok kids I've been on a serious hunt for new and exciting music lately and have been coming up short.  So I'll still continue to post favorites that I haven't posted here before and when something wonderful comes up that's new I'll be all over it. )  This is Miike Snow with my favorite song by them at the moment...  the sort of song that you want to sing at the top of your lungs to, letting go of past relationships, baggage, jobs, memories or friendships that may burden, weigh you down or haunt you in dreams. Bury the thoughts and people that do not ultimately don't make you a better person.

"Misery is all we know lately
saturdays are all the same
sympathy is overrated
like a snapshot when you've lost the game

now its the funeral i've become the serial killer of us both
now its the funeral i've become the serial killer of us both
no i don't wanna get thrown in your ocean
dont try 
you know that we already know it,
its over

at your, own burial dont forget to cry
at your, own burial "

Have a lovely night, and to the readers sending me sweet emails.... thank you so much and I promise I won't stop blogging! I just may slow it down a bit at times. :)  Let's keep powering through this crazy time of year. ;)

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