Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perpetual youth.

Let's do ourselves all a favor and keep alive that fresh, youthful perspective and spirit no matter what age we may be.

"Be happy for no reason, like a child.  If you are happy for a reason,
you're in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you."
-Deepak Chopra

Sweet dreams, and remember to stay happy and fascinated with all that surrounds you. You're alive, and that's reason enough. ;)


  1. I was a serious little kid. I was telling my mother to stop embarrassing me at age 2. Since then I've gotten a little younger every year, I hope that continues.

  2. Well you're definitely heading in the right direction!


    If necessity is the father of invention, the 'play' is certainly the mother ;)

    "I stand before you now because I never stopped dawdling like an eight year-old on a spring morning on his way to school. Anything can make me stop and look and wonder, and sometimes learn. I'm a very happy man." - KV - Cat's Cradle