Saturday, November 20, 2010

A few more lovely things.

It's pouring rain and cold out so I'm all snuggled up inside with my dog tonight, enjoying my music and working on tackling some things I've put off. :)  I figure I'll feel better one I dive headfirst into the more difficult things rather than procrastinate any more.  Here are a few lovely things on my mind at the moment..... 

Enjoy. :)

Free Spirits. 
 Courageous, passionate, inspirational, kind, imaginative people who don't conform to everything society expects.  They think outside the box.  They follow their hearts.

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it- 
basically because you feel good, very good
 when you are near or with them."
-Charles Bukoski

Grey horses... 
the color of clouds, mist and snow.

Peaceful forests.  
The play of shadow and light, 
paths, scents, and peaceful, melancholy rain.  
Take me there.

Who doesn't love castles? 
 Enchanting, inspiring residences that seem to only exist 
in Europe and the Middle East during 
the Middle Ages and in fairy tales. :)

I'm forever fascinated by words...
the beauty, power and meaning of them.


Sleeping soundly underneath an illuminated sky, 
breathing in the fresh night air 
with good company, 
sweet drinks and starlight.

Sweet Dreams. :)

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