Friday, December 6, 2013

About winter.

After raving about the heat just a few days ago, I now find myself hibernating indoors under three blankets after a massive cold front with a candy cane. In Texas. 
But it's ok.

Things to love about winter:

Soft foods that heat you from the inside, ethereal silver skies blending with the hazy blue and white; longer nights, darkness, fire and moonlight; the scents of snow, sage, cinnamon and pine; sparkles, twinkles, frost, wood burning, the solstice, and slower feel of time; candles flickering and dancing across walls and floors, hallways and doors; gathering, baking, making, reflecting, contemplating, stillness, and the quiet uninterrupted beauty of silent frozen landscapes, stretched far and wide.

We're watching the earth go inward once again, resting and gathering strength while planning what's to come. Welcoming the inevitable arrival of it.

"I could see for miles and miles and miles."

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