Saturday, December 28, 2013

Modern day musings.

Modern day musings: The thing about Facebook is it's primarily a highlight reel. Weddings, new homes, engagements, new loves, graduations, announcements, new babies, new puppies. We see the glamour shots, the smiles, the vacations, the nights out with friends, and the end of people missing other people. It's all fantastic. We share and spread joy.

Yet, what we rarely see is the blood, the sweat, the tears, the pain beyond the smiles, the doubt, the longing, the quiet desperation, the death of dreams, the hangovers, and the actual life costs of what it took for someone you think you envy to make money. Everyone is human with universal struggles. I constantly hear people making judgements and assumptions, often creating unhealthy illusions due to their newsfeeds. You cannot compare your entire inner life to another's meticulously edited outer life or you will never feel content.

This is why most of us are so drawn to music, writing, theater, film, etc. Art keeps it real and behind the scenes. It unveils what lies beneath the carefully compiled exteriors.

In general, I believe over time we all realize and recognize that magic often occurs in tiny moments rather than major life events, money is not the definition of real wealth, security is often elusive despite taking all avenues to achieve it, when you live authentically you have no competition, the relief after reaching a goal is fleeting and that you can dramatically alter your life without drastic decisions because small steps will eventually bring about dramatic results and the sooner you step into what works best for you without stressing about what other people are doing or saying, the sooner you will create peace within your own life.

Also remember that Facebook never tells the entire story, so when you find yourself on the comparison train, and feel a little lost, get off of FB and seek out some art. It's more truthful there.

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