Friday, December 27, 2013

To be youthful.

You can take all kinds of routes to try and exhibit a vibrant youthfulness. Makeup. Botox. Hours tackling machines at gyms. Days in a heated yoga room. Juice cleanses. The highest priced eye creams, the latest laser treatments, the best airbrush tan in town. Yet, you can still feel the dull sluggishness and tired weight of passing years.

In my 11+ years of energy healing (bodywork modalities such as myofascial release, reiki, trauma healing, old injury work and also skincare), people are often (understandably) surprised if I hardly recognize them on the street after I've worked with them directly, one on one for an hour or more for one or many sessions. It's because I work with their energy. Not their muscles, or body type, or face. In fact, I hardly notice a single physical trait at all. It's all 100% energy based.

As an Esthetician, I'm not so interested in the exact products someone is placing on their skin. I want to know about nourishment (both obvious and subtle) such as their food, their work, their sleep, their unresolved emotions, even input right down to the location of their home, and aromas they take in. Again, energy based.

As a private health coach, I'll never ask a person how they'd like to look. One can look incredibly toned, fit, and fine-line free and massively lack basic desire and life. All I care about is how someone feels, such as their energy level, their aliveness meter, and their enthusiasm. How do they feel when they wake or go to bed? How do they feel mid-day? How do they feel when they're cleansing their face, doing chores, stretching, or working out? Is the pain still there? The sluggishness? The drain?

All that is relevant is energy. Dwelling in the expansion of it. Once that's in place, the physical being will then radiate it's beauty as the desire to truly take care of one's self will arrive naturally and finally thrive.

The expression shouldn’t be, “I want to look and feel younger.” It should just be “I want to feel younger.” Once you FEEL youthful, you’ll exude youthfulness in an effortless way, and you'll feel so fantastically good, you won't even notice your magnificent physical light that others will be so drawn to. You'll simply thrive on and glow from the energy alone. The rest will easily fall into place.
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