Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day!!!  Today I have a few things on my mind....

This gorgeous summer dress.

Charming garden cottages.  Can you imagine having one of these? :)  

These summer 2010, brand new Ben & Jerry's flavors.  How good do they look?!?! Nothing could ever be too sweet or sugary for me, and I go weak in the knees for ice cream. :)

Picnics, in celebration of Memorial Day.

Flowers in jars and pretty vases.  I just want to put them everywhere. :)

Mountains.  I have an ongoing fascination with mountains. Something about them makes you feel safe yet tremendously alive all at once.

Small cabinets.

Haunting and dreamy landscape photography by Cedric Behir.

Block Island.  I worked there for four summers from the ages of 18 to 21, and I always begin to miss it around Memorial Day.

This card.

And this song, by Broken Social Scene.  Sad yet... sexy.

"I thought you were the sweetest kill
Did I even know?
And all the time we thought we did
Was it just for show?"

Have a wonderful day, friends, and ps....... 
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