Thursday, May 27, 2010

A lyric girl.

So about last night. :)
 Last night I think I nearly melted into the floor, standing about 10 feet from one of my favorite bands on earth. For ninety minutes I watched wide-eyed, as they crooned the brilliant lyrics, perfect metaphors and gorgeous melodies I've been listening to for weeks on end. My sister and I often say that after particularly great shows, the feeling you're left with is almost similar to a slightly broken heart. You want to live in that one song, or that feeling endlessly, and for the time being, it's over.  What I do know is that I will loyally see The National whenever they are even remotely close, and continue to fall in love with them.... again and again and again. :)

"Life, I really believe, is about falling in love. With ideas, with stories, with experiences, mistakes, adventures, poetry, imaginations, old books, new books, movies, music, and, of course, people. Everything that is worthwhile in this world is worth falling in love with, and I can’t imagine a better way to live one’s life than to be always head over heels."

Off to work....and to daydream about the next National show (Austin City Limits!).  Have a
good day.:)

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  1. I'm absolutely a lyric girl. That's what I look for. I love your blog, it's beautiful!