Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Low rising.

You guys are amazing.  Really.  Thank you so much for the kind emails and encouraging words coming in from various places.  Australia, Holland, France.... how are you finding me? :) I'm so happy that I can somehow touch or help people so far away by posting just a few photos or words- it makes me smile to have such wonderful feedback, and I will certainly keep at it. :)  I won't be posting as often this month due to a HECTIC schedule but I promise I will still be here as much as humanly possible.

Wow, what a fantastic day!!!!!  Everything seemed to go smoothly, as though the universe was completely turned in my favor.  Isn't it strange how some days, or even an entire week are difficult for no reason and then everything just turns around in such a way that you feel as though all you can do is watch in complete, jaw dropping awe?  Today, my friends, was one of those days. We all have them- tough week, awesome week, tough week, awesome week. 
... as though we're "low rising." ;)  And on top of that, I found a beautiful indie song I'd never heard before.  WOW.  I'm in love with it. Songs that are so passionately sung they're almost painful to watch- that's what does me in.  Yes.  I fall madly in love with songs.  Madly.

Swell season.

"I wanna sit you down and talk
I wanna pull back the veils
And find out what it is I´ve done wrong
I wanna tear these curtains down
I want you to meet me somewhere
Tonight in this old tourist town
And we´ll go

Low rising
´Cause we´ve gotta come up
We´ve gotta come up
Low rising

´Cause there's no further for us to fall
Low rising
´Cause I feel we've had enough
Low rising
Oh for the love of you

I wanna take you to the rock
I wanna jump right in
And see what that big ocean´s got
I wanna turn this thing around
I wanna drink with you
All night till we both fall down
Till we go

Low rising...

'Cause we've gotta come up, gotta come up
Low rising..
All for the love of... you."

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