Saturday, September 25, 2010


You asked why it hurt so much.  "What hurts?"  I asked.  
"Staring into the sea.  The waves fill me with longing, for what....
 I'm not sure. 
 "Saudade." I whispered.  
It's a Portuguese word meaning you're longing for something 
that may not exist. 
What is left behind or what may lie ahead.
The sea mirrors the melancholic, wistful mystery of saudade.
It symbolizes both togetherness and separateness.  
It allows us to come and go, yet creates distance.
It reminds us of places we long to return to....
or of things that never were. 
Our ancestors felt this as loved ones went to sea 
for long periods of time, some never to return." 
It's in our blood.  
Jose Gonalez  I was recently introduced to this beautiful, sensual music by him,  and all I could think was "nostalgia." Sometimes we are longing for something the past gave us, and need hints to know we're on the right track now, in the present.  I absolutely love that guitar.....

Enjoy. :)

"While the crowd is waiting for the final kiss
the one which allows them to sleep well
We'll walk along our own path
the one which will lead us to our own bliss
But we need hints
before we get tired
But we need hints 
before we lose pace
Now we need a hint
to know we're on the right track."

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