Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hiiii. :)  So I'm currently sitting here finally on my bed with my scarf and jacket still on, chilly from the cold air, and anxiously awaiting my heater to warm my apartment so I can actually do anything else. Hellllllo end of October. :) 

Things I am thankful for this very moment :  My sweet dog's welcoming greeting,  steaming hot tea,  the parking space right out front of my place tonight, Whole Foods staying open until 10:00, and melt in your mouth blondie brownies.  Not to mention the soft sheets, lavender walls,  steep hills, tree-lined streets, Victorian buildings, and stars above making up my world here and now.  Happy sigh.  It's a beautiful night indeed. <3

This song makes me feel as though I'm mentally flying, I will listen to it from the window seat of an airplane one of these days, and it's The XX, so not only is it sensual and eargasmic but incredibly calming. <3  Listen to it from beginning to end, enjoy the ride and have a wonderful sleep.

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