Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mile after mile.

Hi guys.  I hope you're having a nice night.  :)  So let me start by asking if I'm supposed to be this wiped out after several music festivals at 27 years old?  I'm beginning to notice the difference in how long it takes to recover from dancing and walking for hours in the sun and it slightly bothers me.  Today I decided I wasn't having that and went to the gym determined to fit in both strength training and cardio, pushing my limits harder than the usual in some sort of quest for both the immediate rush of endorphins and physical fatigue so my normal energy levels will return (hopefully) as soon as possible.  I've also been the busiest I've ever been and trying to figure out how to stay on top of everything all at once, because right now.... it's a lot.  I know the majority of us all need more time to breathe, and I've been working on creating time to do so in my own life.  October is always a symphony of change in so many areas and although that's a great thing, it can also be quite exhausting. :)

I've been so, so happy with my new tunes lately and this band, The Black Keys are a new favorite after seeing them at ACL.  Their sound is rock n' roll mixed with melancholy blues, making me want to duck out of the cold, night air into a dark, smoky bar to sit on a stool, sip a dirty martini and let his deep, knowing voice seep in and warm my soul. No words spoken around us.  No thinking.  No doing.  Just this song rising with the moon, filling both myself and the strangers around me to the brim.  Not many bands make music like this anymore, and this is GOOD music.  Love them.  Enjoy, and goodnight. :)

"My gears they grind 
More each day 
And I feel like 
They're gonna grind away

And the city blocks
They drive me wild 
They're never ending 
Mile after mile....

I just don't know what to do
I'm too afraid to love you.

It's heaven on earth 
In her embrace 
A gentle touch 
And a smiling face

I'm just one wishing 
That I was a pair 
With someone 
Oh somewhere

All those sleepless nights 
And all those wasted days 
I wish loneliness would leave me 
But I think he's here to stay 
What more can I do 
I'm wringing myself dry 
And I can't afford to lose 
One more teardrop from my eye

Don't know what to do....
I'm too afraid to love you."

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