Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few adorable things.

Hi guys.  I just wanted to mention a few adorable things that make my heart smile on this chilly evening...

Beautiful handmade wooden toys.

 Mustache on wheels:

Maple cloud on wheels:
Absolutely precious! They are perfect for babies to hold and play with, free of splinters and rough spots, meticulously carved into various creative, adorable shapes, and will obviously keep them busy. The designs will also will fuel the child's imagination, and you know I'm all for that. :) You can find them at sevenacretoys on Etsy.

Pie in a jar.


I'm in love with all sweets  and these are such a yummy idea. Homeade pies in jars delivered to you?  Enough said. :)
More can be found at AllJarredUp, also on Etsy.

Blue holiday decor. 
I love absolutely love blue decor this time of year... 
(and the idea of a blue Christmas in general)

This thought:

This thought (the obvious romantic I am):

And this darling song I just discovered!  Ahhhh, the sweetest, most adorable song played by the cutest duo ever.  I've been sitting here melting into it writing this entry. :)
Have a wonderful night. :)


  1. i bet those toys were considerably easier for santa to make too, cool stuff

  2. SOOOO cute!! Love the toys & the pies.