Monday, December 6, 2010

Lovely holiday things.

Sunday night.

It's a freezing winter night with rain so cold it amazes me it's not actually hail, and it inspired me to just wanted to discuss my appreciation over certain random winter like things such as:

The color red in all its glamorous vibrance:

Christmas like frost blanketing the earth:

Beautiful holiday decor:

And this gorgeously haunting song by The National that is actually quite brilliant.  To make a story short, the narrator's lover has left the relationship that was once full of simple, youthful hope, dreams and uniqueness to join the masses in of refugees in an unfulfilled "corporate america" zombie sort of life.  Let's keep that sense of simplicity and appreciation of small things and unique relationships, and whether we are in the corporate world or not. :)

"Break my arms around the one I love
And be forgiven by the time my lover comes
Break my arms around my love"

Sweet dreams. :)

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