Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fatigue, for good reason.

Last night, I was awake for hours, listening to the rain and drinking the wind as it blew through my open windows, lifted the curtains, and filled the room with fresh, dewy air.  Some nights are simply made to last longer than others, and I could've extended this particular one an extra five hours,  just curled up, cozy and content with the rain, the wind, and those soothing sounds echoing from both near and far.

Now I must dive into hot coffee to get up and going.  I won't rush however; I'm going to sit, sip, and read an actual newspaper today, pretending it's a Sunday morning, lingering in my bathrobe.  Then when I'm really running behind, I'll end up flying out the door, dog on the leash, balancing my purse, schedule and umbrella, in one blonde blur, or  a state of "organized chaos", as I like to call it.  Until then, creamy coffee, and yes, an actual, tangible newspaper.  There's something nice about reading pages you can actually flip, rather than staring at a computer screen.  But, the coffee- the coffee comes first.

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