Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The first few months of this year have flown by extraordinarily fast.  Everything in my life has been in limbo: work, living situation, relationships, family living situations.  Now things are finally beginning to settle a bit, I feel at home, and am a bit more content with each passing day.  I'm fairly certain that March is the month of spring in San Francisco with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the buzz in the air, and the blasts of rain followed immediately by bursts of sunlight so warm and bright, it's as though the rainstorms weren't even present.  I love spring, but who doesn't?  This is when everything comes alive again, causing a certain vibration and pulse among all living things.  You just feel it everywhere.

 I'm really enjoying dreamy Noe Valley and all of the comfort and loveliness it offers; the hills, rows of Victorians, spacious parks, and plentiful restaurants and shops make the neighborhood very homey. I walk nearly every night, Ipod in hand, marveling at the gorgeous views sprawling in every visible direction- lights and hills under skies so clear the stars seem to touch the shimmering city streets.  Perspective comes with walking, as do answers. There are days I admittedly feel a bit stuck, because transitions and growth sometimes feel as though they're happening at a maddeningly slow pace BUT the truth is: I'm aware of the strong and steady progression of things, and that awareness makes it all feel alright.  :)

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