Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lily lavender.

I'm finally home and so sleepy after a long, but largely productive day. Tonight, I admittedly could not wait to walk through my door, light my white candles, and just be warm, cozy and mellow.
I've decided it's color inspiration Friday! I've adored the color purple for as long as I can remember, and am also very into interior design (runs in the family), so let me just worship purple for a bit here. :) I had my bedroom and bathroom walls painted in a Benjamin Moore paint color called Lily lavender, and with my white trim, they look so feminine, and castle-like.  I still have a lot of decorating I want to do with the place, as it's another way of channeling unleashed creativity, and color is definitely something that I've always been extremely drawn to.... particularly various shades of purple.   

  It's been said that shades of purple can boost both a child's imagination, and an artist's creativity, yet has calming properties, often creating a sense of belonging. It's also always been associated with royalty, mystery, magic and spirituality.  
Oh how I love you, dreamy, passionate, mystical purple.

Here are some purple rooms for color inspiration that I've recently been adoring, from afar. :)

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