Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sister time.

I haven't been blogging, but am back. :)  I had a wonderful week with my sister Krissy, who was on Spring Break, visiting from UT Austin.  She stayed with me in SF for five days, then we went to visit our other sister Kelly in her LA for two. We played tourists in both cities which I always love to do.

I took her everywhere, from Fisherman's Wharf to Twin Peaks, to Sausalito, to Haight-Ashbury to Golden Gate Park to Malibu to Beverly Hills to Hollywood Hills to Sunset Drive.

 I love California. :)

Driving on the Pacific Coast Highway is magical.


We are pretty ridiculous together, and tend to laugh, and laugh, and laugh and laugh.  But also....

Here we are in the movie set Crafty trailer, eating while visiting our other sister Kelly.  :)

So. Much. Fun.

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